Sine Cera in Los Angeles is your premier wood working shop for custom furniture, home decor, and gifts. Expert Wood Artist, Steve Barnett, creates one-of-a-kind gifts for sci-fi, comic book, and cult classic fans and will bring your imagination to life in every project. Contact us now for a free quote on  your custom order!

Making things by hand is how I say, ‘I love you’ to the world.
— Steve Barnett, Owner & Craftsman, Sine Cera

If I had been born in a different century, my dear old pop would be the cat telling tales and spreading legends down at Ye Olde Pub. He's full to the brim with trivia facts, one of them being how ancient Greece would honor carpenters and furniture makers for constructing a piece with perfectly cut joinery. Such pieces didn't need any wax to fill a bad cut or an off joint. After being inspected the piece would be stamped and sealed with a badge of honor, declaring it "Without Wax," or Sine Cera, more commonly recognized as the root for "sincere." In retrospect, one can only imagine my dad told me those stories to encourage good hard work as its own reward and did not expect me to make it the foundation of my business. He should have known better, since Sine Cera also means my name, Stephen...

Crafting imaginative wood creation became a way of life for me ever since my dad carved me a wooden broadsword so I could run around the backyard pretending o be Rob Roy. For me, woodworking is bringing my imagination to life with my hands. It's how I change the world around me, and more importantly, it's how I choose to change yours. 

Whether it’s researching the best material for a particular project, giving second life to lumber destined for landfills, increasing reliance on sustainable energy, or honing my carving techniques, my mission for creating is two-fold:

  • To lead by example for a better world

  • To provide one-of-a-kind conversation pieces that forge deeper connections with yourself, others, and the environment, and that will be treasured by generations to come.


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