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Boondock Saints style wind-proof stainless steel lighter "Aequitas"

Boondock Saints style wind-proof stainless steel lighter "Aequitas"

Everybody loves Daryl... but here's what made Daryl famous! Latest in my line of Boondock Saints tribute merchandise, this lighter gives close up detail of our very loved Murphy McManus, along with a clover and his designated "A" for Aequitas. The special bit I wanted to convey with this piece is that it's my first Boondock Saints tribute that does not include some form of weapon. While the Saints may be very well known for their kinship and proficiency with fire-arms, I want to point out that they are good Irish boys banishing evil so that which is good may flourish. They've got the holy fire burning inside them... just like my lighter... and they don't really need guns to do that. Sure, they do help. On top of that, they're just really damn handsome and a pleasure to carve. The counterpart, Veritas featuring Sean Patrick Flannery is also available, so stay tuned and you can buy both (which will make an Irish flag when stacked adjacent) and complete the collection. (Get both here! Ships with tracking number via USPS, customizations available upon request.
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