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Hand-Carved MJOLNIR Folding Knife

Hand-Carved MJOLNIR Folding Knife

"STOP! Hammer Time!" -Thor "Kung Fury" I found this knife at a Flea Market in Sneads Ferry, North Carolina. I looked like a good enough blade and some well constructed brass. However, the handle was cheap, hollow plastic. So I took it home, pried that weak-ass crap off and got to designing on a hunk of walnut, cut to match the finger grooves. After going through several designs I found inadequate, like the signature on the flintlock from the end of Predator 2, Frodo's Sting engravings, and yet another Boondock Saints variation (which looked exactly like all my other BDS shite) I was at my wits end trying to fit them into the curves. Then it hit me to take a little artistic license and move the elements to fit the medium, and the thought of elements lead me to the master of the elements, the God of Thunder himself. So, I researched Mjolnir, found the inscription and doodled with the Nordic trim on the hammer's edge for days until I found the perfect balance of walnut and lightning! So there you have it! A one of a kind Mjolnir folding 3.75" stainless steel blade forged in the good ol' US of A, that you can put on display or use to slay your enemies. The only question is... Are you worthy? **Note: this item is one of a kind. I will not be making any replicas of this blade. You buy it, you alone own it!"
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